Dear AnaNoItch-D People,

It seems that I am the #1 result when someone searches for your product. Instead of hiring spammers to spread the word about your product, why not buy advertising space here? Thanks to the two lines showing in the Google result for me, everyone already thinks I used the product.

And for those of you just visiting- I do not use nor have I ever used AnaNoItch. For crying out was a post making fun of someone selling their itchy bottom cream on CraigsList.

So, makers of this product, send me a 125x125 banner that links to your site. We'll talk rates.

Talk soon,


Painting Tips and Tricks said...

I like your blog!...Daniel

Julie said...

Hi Daniel! Long time, no see. I've still got those albums- they're somewhere around. Been through 3 moves and probably buried. Hope you're well!