Moving To Snow Country!

View From CountryHouse Driveway

I think I've mentioned  how I'm originally from the country and how I dream of homesteading. My husband and I have discussed finding a place somewhere in the country for a few years. It seems as if we've just found one problem after another in houses that we've rented here in the city. Landlords that just could care less about their property, property managers that ripped off the landlord and us, or a landlord that truly couldn't afford to make repairs. The house we're in now is not bad. Tons of room for our family. The neighborhood isn't the best -loud music when the kids are trying to sleep and a mean dog next door. Nice, right?

My husband recently went out of town to work on a house with a friend. He sent back pictures of the area and the house. Then he sent me a text message, "Want to move out here? We can have this house!" --I bet you know what I answered! We'll be moving to the 'country house' as we call it around the beginning of February, maybe even as early as the end of January. The friend I mentioned is using it for a hunting lodge until mid-December. The Alleghany National Forest backs right up to the house's side/back yards. There's no neighbors stacked on top of one another there. I can't wait.

Yesterday we had a touch of snow here in Buffalo and my husband teased me about the amount of snow we'll have out at the country house. I asked him if it was 'ski country'. He said that it's right by some of the ski towns! I thought they were beautiful when we drove through on the way up here from NC. The hubby asked if I was going to take up skiing, so I'm wondering if I should get some cross country skis in case the snow gets mad deep. Who knows, maybe I'll try out snowboards, because isn't that what the hip chicks ride? I'll be Extreme Julie with a pink snowboard.

The hubby seems to think that I'm going to land on my rear. Personally I think that if I'm going to live in the boonies, on the side of a mountain, and where it's normal to measure snow in fathoms, I should learn. I also can't wait to sip hot chocolate by the fireplace in my very own ski lodge.


Jenn Greenleaf said...

Seems you and I are moving right around the same time. :o) Life is interesting like that.