Not Fueled By Fast Cash

Due to the sensitive nature of the previous post, moderation is on. This does not mean that your comment will never see the light of day. I am protecting people from personal attacks.

Yes, I cursed. Yep, I went off, but I did not name anyone, kept most of the previous post general, with one exception that was edited for correction (though I did not delete what I had said, just did a strikethrough). When I'm wrong, I'm wrong and will admit it.

I'm not calling anyone out, but I did have some feedback about how I did this to make money.

No, sorry. While I have had a lot of hits here in the past 24 hours, if you look, you will see that I have no Adsense. The ads were disabled prior to posting. I forgot Chitika was on until later- but that was removed as well. I am not profiting from this in ANY way.

Yes, I own another website and made a forum there for 'BottomFeeders'. There was no motivation behind that for money or ad earnings, the forum there has no Adsense embedded. The ads are on the sidebar and in the banner of the site--and have been there since I opened PG.

The hidden forum was created as a safe haven. The 'feeders could have a daily chat, rant, vent, and not feel as if they would be banned from a site they enjoy. My site is not a competitor of Diaperswappers- there's no cloth diaper trading, no cloth sponsor. It's for all aspects of parenting.

I'm not subtle in anything I do, many friends and fellow writers can attest to that. When I see an injustice or feel passionate about something, I get loud. I also say my mind...regardless of the consequences.

A mod from that forum asked why I had linked here if I knew it would end up in a ban.

Because I knew it would. I knew it would cause a huge stir. This blog is under my control and no one could delete my post within minutes. It will be accessible to anyone searching and will remain in place until that site's staff re-evaluates how members are treated by other members and by certain staff. Am I calling anyone out specifically? No. I don't know all of the mods nor have I interacted with them all. I do know others are angry...and if it takes being banned (seriously though, i have a herd of kids, WoW, Angry Birds and FB how bad off am i?), so what?

I did it to stand up and stand out for my friends in a way that can't be ignored.


jamieism said...

Linky to hidden forum pleeeease? Oh but then it wouldn't be hidden would it... Cry

Freya said...

Ah, we all know you are actually a 30 year old fat dude with cheeto fingers living in his momma's basement. Mwah ha ha.