Fun With NEC's Stats #2


No, I've never used AnaNoItch.
I'm Julie Fletcher, not Julia Fletcher.
I only wish I was the novelist or illustrator. Even the real estate agent gig would be okay. Nope, I'm just a mom and writer.
Yes, I have Skype: fletcherfamily6
No, I won't buy your drugs, I don't care if they're cheaper or will increase my *ahem* size. I have no need for that, nor does Mr. Fletcher. (trust me on that one)
Yes, I play WoW. Hit me up on Wyrmrest Accord (Arlia, Undead 'lock)
I have never seen the 2 girls 1 cup video. Please stop looking for that here. You scare me.
Yes, I will consider advertising, but I won't advertise something gross/nasty/illegal.
My contact info is on the sidebar.
Yes, I review products. (but not ananoitch)

Anything else you want to know?