Kathy, Don't Give Them Fuel!

There's a reason I have a problem with religion. Every second of every day there are people willing to go out of their way to see what they perceive as 'sin' in someone else. Whatever happened to “judge not, lest ye be judged”?

Obviously, these people think they are above the command of their own god.

No, I didn't give god a capital G. I won't, not in this case. The people who act this way are certainly not followers of the one deserving a capital. If they can't obey the Christian God's commands on not judging, then seriously, they need to just back up and admit they're only following one god, the Christian Satan.

Julie, are you NUTS? You just called a bunch of totally conservative right wing Christians, um...Satanists!

You're darn tootin' I did. If you're not doing as your God says, then it stands to reason you're doing what his counterpart says to do. Think on that.

Get our your Bibles, folks. Show me exactly where God and Jesus told you to ignore the judging and the plucking motes from others' eyes before removing the beam from your own. While you're at it, give me some insight on where Jesus thought it would be a totally great idea to jump down the throat of every person he ever met. You know, tell them how wrong they were, how they were going to hell, and so on, so forth.

Oh...wait...he didn't. Jesus taught by example, parables, and love. He was a smart chap. I kinda doubt if he would have reamed Kathy Ireland a new one because she quoted a few lyrics from a movie.

That's what made me decide to post this. Kathy Ireland posted a lovely, thoughtful good night to her Twitter followers last night:

“You've got 2 believe in URself, right from the start. Believe in the magic inside UR heart. Go head believe in URself not because I told you to...Believe in yourself as I believe in you, Lena Horne in The Wiz..Angels, I believe in each & everyone of you. I love you.God bless.Night “

That's actually two 'tweets', I placed them together as they are meant to be read. Very sweet, right?

That enchanting sentiment from a lovely celebrity to the followers she has befriended has become fuel for one of the most moronic sideshows I've witnessed online. Believe me, I've seen quite a few. Kathy has been defending and explaining herself over and over since tweeting that.

To who? Idiots who think that Satan is in everything. One word...'magic', caused the ruckus. Crazy, right? I think so. When you begin to see sin in every word, every program, every song, then perhaps you're blind to the sin in yourself.

Kathy, as I said to you on Twitter, “Some people are too literal. Should ignore them. In other words: Don't feed the morons.”

Everyone else, feel free to use that bit of advice, everyday.